Gallery--Take a look at several of the Thousands of installations that have been done.  This system is very versatile and will fit on most trailers.  The stiffer the jacks are the better the performance will be.  Scissor, drop leg or landing gearand hydraulic are the best performers.

MOST of these were installed by the customer.

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Montana Fifth Wheel
Installation on Fifth Wheel with standard landing gear and with rear "Telescoping", "C" or "Swing arm" rear stabilizers (jacks).
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Excel 5th Wheel with Hydraulic Jacks
Installation on fifth wheel with power hydraulic jack system using stock foot plates. Tab was welded on side of footplate to attach brace.  Included bolt may  be welded to top of footplate or we have an optional flat head bolt kit with countersink.
Pioneer Spirit Pull Trailer
Installation of Stabilizer on Travel Trailer with angled Scissor Jacks
Pioneer Travel Trailer Stabilizer Jacks
Steadyfast Trailer bracing system installed on front of Camper Trailer with angled scissor jacks
Wildwood Travel Trailer
Installation on Travel Trailer with scissor jacks.  
Wildwood Travel Trailer with scissor jacks and Steadyfast Stabilizer
Cougar Fifth Wheel with Rear Rack
Installation on Trailers with Sliding rear rack.  Second set of scissor jacks are located in front of rack assembly. We have a bracket in stock that allows the use of stock jacks (shown in last 2 pictures).  See Keystone Forum for customer comments. We do not recommend welding to sliding rack as rack is not as solid as the frame.Click Here

Cougar Fifth Wheel Stabilizer
Fifth Wheel Stabilizer with Sliding Rack and additional Scissor Jacks
Sliding Rack Drop Down Bracket
Fifth Wheel stabilizer with Sliding Rack Bracket

Everest 5th Wheel
Installation on Fifth Wheel with rear scissor jacks. Note rear Jacks at 45 degrees.
Everest 5th Wheel With Stabilizer on Scissor jacks and Landing gear
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HitchHiker II Fifth Wheel
The location of the spare tire on this trailer interferes with the stabilizer.   Instead of moving the jacks or spare tire, this customer innovatively mounted the locking bracket on the back of the hitch.  
Teton 1996 38 Foot Fifth Wheel before STEADYfast® 
This fifth wheel had over $500 of stabilizing equipment on it when we were asked to replace it to make it simpler to set up.  The equipment included a Spectrum Manufacturing cross brace stabilizer (similar to Winfield stabilizer), 2 mid trailer scissor jacks, 4 RotoChoks, 2 swing arm or telescoping stabilizers, and a Wayne or Valterra type stabilzier.  See Jim Coram's comments on the feedback page.
Teton Fifth Wheel trailer Simple Steadfast system replaces several different components and improves performance.
Teton 1996 38 Foot Fifth Wheel after STEADYfast® 
First all the existing stabilizing equipment was removed except for the swing arm rear jack stabilizers.  Then the STEADYfast® system installed.  The performace was excellent and comparable to the performance with all the previous equipment as noted in Jim Coram's comments.  At a later date we removed the rear jacks and replaced them with scissor jacks which further improved the performance.
Cardinal Fifth Wheel 
Front foot plate reversed to provide clearance from Spare Tire.  Scissor jacks installed in front of power rear jacks to remove bounce often found in this type stabilizing jack.

Cardinal 5th Wheel Trailer.  Steadyfast Brace is installed at an angle to avoid spare tire obstacle.
Cypress Fifth Wheel 
Stabilizer Installed on Ultra-Fab Power Twin rear jack. Corner of Ultra-Fab foot plate was trimmed for brace attachment Picture 3. Installation of rear single motor Lippert jack is the same as on travel trailers. Last picture shows displacement in jack which causes movement.

Cypress fifth wheel has brace stabilizer installed on Landing Gear and Lippert single motor stabilizer.
Travel Supreme Fifth Wheel
Easy to install on Quadra Manufacturing BigFoot hydraulic leveling system. No Welding is required.   Stops the side to side motion.  Fastest Setup of any system.  Also works with Lippert, HWH, PowerPlus, Atwood, Level Up Six-Point  Leveling System, and others.
Stabilizer System installed on Travel Supreme Fifth Wheel
Open Range Fifth Wheel
2010 Open Range 5th wheel model 345RLS

Coachman Chaparral -  Showing extension that can be used when a dropped compartment  interferes with Locking Handle
Open Range Fifth Wheel with Steadyfast Stabilizing System
Scamp - This customer was able to install our unit on his fifth wheel Scamp.  Tight fit, but it worked great!
Stabilizer System installed on Excel 5th Wheel with power leveling system
Infinity Fifth Wheel
Lippert 6 Point Level Up - Bolt to round footplate installation.  Note Front to Back brace can be installed on the back if there are obstacles in the front. Optional flat head bolt kit was used to attach braces to round footplates.  Included bolts may also be welded to top of footplates.
Infinity Fifth Wheel Stabilizer
KZ Venom 42' with Power Leveling and Snap Pads
Installation on fifth wheel using stock round foot plates with SNAP Pads. Brace was connected to round footplates using flat head bolt kit with countersink. 
Coleman Lantern Edition 17FQ  Camper Travel Trailer
Stabilizer installed on small camping trailer with the addition of 4 Scissor Jacks.  Scissor jacks do a great job stopping vertical movement, but not so much horizontal movement.
Steadyfast Stabilizer installed on Coleman Camping Trailer.  Stops shake, wiggle, and rocking, 
Parked in Pismo Coast Village Campground
Steadyfast Stabilzer bracing system installed on scissor jacks
Front foot plate with 2 braces attached to frame on camping trailer with scissor jacks
Single rear Steadyfast brace installed from scissor jack footplate to frame.
Steadyfast rear stabilizer brace showing easy to use locking bracket assembly with handle.
Forest River Wildcat 295rs Fifth Wheel
Stabilizer installed on fifth wheel with standard landing gear and Lippert single motor power stabilizer jack.  
Steadyfast Stabilizer installed on landing gear of fifth wheel trailer
Best way to simply stop trailer movement
Lippert Electric Stabilizer
Steadyfast Stabilizer installed
Stops trailer rock, wiggle, shaking and movement
Forest River Travel Trailer
Installation on trailer with single Motor  Power C stabilizers on front and rear.  Most of these type stabilizers flex a bit.  They perform better the further they are extended.  Use as few blocks under them as practical.
Grand Design Reflection 
Typical installation on Lippert Ground Control, Lippert 3.0 and Level-Up power leveling systems.  Installed using flathead bolt kit.  Note work-around of Battery Box obstacle.