The STEADYfast® system can be installed on almost all Fifth Wheel and Travel Trailer Jack Systems.  About 90% of the installs are straight forward and take about 2-3 hours to install.  A large percent of the installs are on trailers that have a cover over the bottom of the frame.  The remaining 10% may require moving a spare tire, gas line, or using one of our custom brackets.  See List Below:
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Listed Below are Camper Trailers or 5th wheels we are aware of that may require extra work or brackets:

  • Fifth Wheels that do not have power leveling systems, but have round footplates on front landing gear.
  • Fifth Wheels and Camper Trailers with spare tires hung under the trailer may interfere with of braces.
  • Alpha's after 2000 that have the frame over the front compartment.
  • Trailers with sliding rear bike racks may require a special bracket or jacks to be moved. Typically these are on Keystone Cougars and Montana's as well as some Jayco's
  • Most Rockwood and some Flagstaff trailers have a wood strip under the frame which require longer bolts.  Let us know when you order and we will provide longer bolts.
  • Fifth Wheel Campers with compartments that drop below the frame where the brackets are attached may need a special bracket.  Most Carriage Cameos require a bracket, as well as the Evergreen Alpha Gold and Life Style fifth wheels.
  • Front landing gear on Jayco's and some other 5th wheels are greater than 74" apart require longer front brace.  Let us know when you order and we will provide longer brace.

Please contact us by email or phone for more information.​
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Preparing to Install on Trailer with Covered Bottom

Complete Installation Video
(Includes Instructions Shown on Other 2 Videos)
Installing Locking Brackets on Trailers with Covered Bottoms
Instructional Videos
Many of the videos below are of actual installations and at least partially in real time to give you an idea of the actual work required.  The same caption remains as an activity is progressing so you can drag the progress bar to get through the video quickly and not miss any captions.
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