About the Inventor and President of Hanscom Enterprises, LLC
After retiring from the oil industry, Paul Hanscom decided to seriously try his hand at being an inventor.   The purchase of a Fifth Wheel that was quite a “shaker” provided that opportunity.  After proving a design that worked very well, he initiated the patent process and formed Hanscom Enterprises, LLC to develop and market intellectual properties.

Paul received his Degree in Mechanical Engineering from California Polytechnic University, which is noted for providing graduates with the ability to practically apply engineering principles. He received a cash award for his submittal to Sunkist’s “Impossible Citrus Picking Machine Contest” and studied the effects of water injection on gasoline engine performance during this time.  He also gained mechanical experience while working at a Parts and Tire shop during college.

After graduation and a short period of service as an Artillery Officer he joined the engineering staff of a major oil company.  During his 30 years of working in the oil industry he was involved in the design, construction, operation, and management of many plants, processes and improvements.  He actively initiated and led many innovative improvements in various areas of the workplace.  

His interest in inventing was apparent on the citrus ranch where he grew up and around the home in later years.  He often fabricated specialty equipment and tools for difficult or tedious tasks.

Paul enjoys The Church and Community Service Activities.  He is a member of Riverlakes Community Church, a past president and member of Rosedale Kiwanis Club, and an active supporter of Orphanage Emmanuel in Honduras.

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