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IF YOU HAVE A FIFTH WHEEL WITH ROUND FRONT FOOTPLATES ON JUST THE FRONT JACKS  They can be used with item A.   You may CONTACT US BEFORE ORDERING.  There are a couple of different options for mounting our unit to the footplates.  --  THANK YOU!


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    Custom Brackets
  • L. Cameo Compartment Stiffening Bracket

    Many of the Cameo's front compartments drop below the frame interfering with the installation of the Locking Bracket. This bracket connects between the frame and the bottom of the compartment stiffening the bottom of the compartment so the bracket can be solidly mounted to the bottom of the compartment.

  • M. Barker Jack Modified Base Plate

    Barker Jack Modified Base Plate replaces the stock base bracket that flips over as the jack is raised. This base plate remains facing the ground

  • N. Locking Handle Extension

    This kit allows the handle position to be extended to avoid obstacles to turning the handle. The length can be extended up to 5 inches. Please let us know the length you require

  • O. Foot Plate Adapter Bracket

    This adapter bracket is used to attach the Steadyfast Footplate to jacks that do not have a stock footplate. Usually these are stab type jacks with a rounded end at the base.

  • P. Sliding Rack Side Mount Bracket

    This bracket is designed to provide a solid mounting point for the locking bracket when a sliding rack interferes with attaching the bracket to the frame. The bracket is bolted to the side of the fame with 4 self threading bolts. It's base plate extends below the sliding rack where the locking bracket can be directly bolted to it. $9 Shipping to 48 states