Procedure to Park, Level, & Stabilize your Trailer or 5th Wheel
Leveling and setting up a fifth wheel, travel trailer, or camper at a campsite is rather straight forward and not very difficult at most campgrounds.  

The typical fifth wheel, trailer, or camper set-up at a campground or RV park is briefly described in the first 6 steps below.  Be sure to follow all manufacturer's directions. The seventh step is all that is required to engage the  STEADYfast®  Stabilizing System:

1. Pull or back trailer into position allowing for plenty of room to extend the slide-outs.  

    Hint:  Cut a stick of wood or a piece of PVC pipe the length of the distance between                 the outside of the tire to the edge of the extended slide out.  Lay this between                 nearest obstacle to the slide outs and where the side of the trailer will be.  Then                 you can easily position the trailer on the first try in the correct location.

2. Level trailer side to side by placing spacing devices (blocks, pads, ramps, etc) under the tires(s) on the lower side of the trailer.  Move the trailer back and forth on these devices, changing them if necessary until the tires are raised to the point where the trailer is level side to side.

    Hint: If you place a leveling bubble on the front or back of trailer you can place marks                 on it for each thickness of block you need for different slopes of the campsite.              That way you can get the correct level on the first try.  

3. Place chocks between or under the tires to stop the trailer from rolling when it is disconnected from the tow vehicle.  Do not depend on between the wheel chocks to keep the trailer from rolling.

4. Disconnect tow vehicle

5. Level trailer from front to back using the front landing gear jacks (fifth wheel) or the tongue jack (camper or travel trailer).  If you have auto level, push the button :-) )

6. Extend stabilizing jacks to lift trailer slightly, but not overloading jacks. Place blocks under the jacks as required.  

       Hint:  12 inch long  2"x 4" 's  work great for leveling blocks and jack blocking on                     hard surfaces.  They can be used for ramps or for crib blocking

7. Tighten 3 locking handles to engage the STEADYfast® Stabilizing System.  (takes about 25-45 seconds depending on the size of trailer)

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