Set Up Procedure to Level & Stabilize your Trailer or Fifth Wheel
How to set up a fifth wheel, travel trailer, or camper at a campsite is rather straight forward and not very difficult.  

The typical fifth wheel, trailer, or camper set up at a campground or RV park is briefly described in the first 6 steps below.  Be sure to follow manufacturers directions. The seventh step is all that is required to engage the STEADYfast® Stabilizing System:

1. Pull or back trailer into position allowing for plenty of room to extend the slide-outs.

2. Level trailer side to side by placing spacing devices (boards, pads, ramps, etc) under the tires(s) on the lower side of the trailer.  Move the trailer back and forth on these devices until the tires are raised to the point where the trailer is level side to side.

3. Place chocks on or under the tires to stop the trailer from rolling when it is disconnected from the tow vehicle.

4. Disconnect tow vehicle

5. Level trailer from front to back using the front jacks (fifth wheel) or the tongue jack (camper or travel trailer).

6. Extend stabilizing jacks to lift trailer slightly, but not overloading jacks.

7. Tighten 3 locking handles.  (takes about 25-45 seconds depending on the size of trailer)

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